11 January 2007

Documentary photography

Did I mention I'm taking a documentary photography class this semester? It should help with my rephotography project, plus the professor is on my committee, and he's always mentioned that it would be nice if I took a class from him... previously, his most advanced class was a Photoshop class, which he know I wouldn't get much out of, with my experience with the software....

First assignment is a "flexing" one, to get us back into the idea of making pics. Need to shoot an action...think I'll see if P will do a bit of welding or grinding, get those nice sprays of sparks.

Next shooting assignment is to photograph a stranger, then return in a couple of weeks and show them work prints. Did I mention I don't photograph people? Did enough of that in a previous life...ah well, be good for me I suppose. Think I'll use one of the ELI students...


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