26 July 2008

The site is live!

The CEJ website is live now! Appropriately enough (what with the ties to the pioneers and all), it went up on July 24.

Salt Lake City Re/Visioned

I hope you all enjoy it, it was/is a lot of work but it was a pleasure as well. Let me know what you think!

17 July 2008

nearly there

well, the website is nearly complete, then I just need to write the summary and have the defense. Probably have to be September, as we'll be gone for a little while, and the first 2 weeks of the semester most likely aren't the best time to get a committee together!

more soon!

21 May 2008

24 Hours of LeMons

Our first race.

Car can't be worth more than $500 plus safety gear (brakes, rollcage, tires). Then there's the NASCAR rated racing suit, gloves, shoes, helmet. Need a trailer to get the car to Altamont, need a place to stay, gotta have sustenance. Gas is good, too, to get around the track.

flickr pics here.

24 Hours of LeMons

02 January 2008

Vote for Chessie!

He had a hard night partying, apparently, while mom and dad were out...

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Click on his pic and give him a cheezburger!

19 August 2007

What a difference...

a day makes. Or in this case, a few. The first image was made Aug. 14, the second, today.

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18 August 2007


Got up way too early to watch the implosion of the Key Bank building, gotta make way for the City Creek Center, you know....

What a nice quiet morning, until the booms:

before the boom

Whoa, dust's a-comin'!

Nice angle, if I say so myself.

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13 August 2007


I've got my article and images of San Michele on World Photo Adventure now:

Secret Venice

Check it out!