28 November 2006

turned it in

Just turned in the paper to turnitin.com...whew! We'll see what happens now, eh?

23 November 2006

Lit review con't

Gee, who would have thought I'd be doing homework on Thanksgiving?

I believe that one of the hardest things about conducting a lit review is knowing when to stop collecting literature! Each new lead looks interesting, something more to add to the bookshelf...but I have to stop and finish writing the review at some point...I sure hope it's what the dept. is looking for - since I've not written one of these before, I suppose I'll have to write it the way I'd like to read it (most likely, not the "proper" way of doing this...sigh).

12 November 2006

List of books

So, here's a prelim list of literature:

"Utah : Then & Now", Tom Till
"J. E. J., Trail To Sundown, Casadaga To Casa Grande, 1817-1882: The Story Of A Pioneer: Joseph Ellis Johnson", Rufus Johnson
"Second View : the Rephotographic Survey Project", Mark Klett
"After The Ruins, 1906 And 2006 : Rephotographing The San Francisco Earthquake And Fire" Mark Klett
"On Photography", Susan Sontag
"Set In Stone, Fixed In Glass : The Mormons, The West, And Their Photographers", Nelson Wadsworth

plus a stack of theory books too... not as much fun! ;-)

07 November 2006

Book list

I've begun assembling the list of publications for the Lit Review and Bibliography. Just got my copy of Tom Till's "Utah Then and Now", out of print but the publisher had one to sell me. From the photographic/subject point of view, that book is most likely the closest to what I'm doing. There are many "then and now" books out there, so exploring those should be interesting!

If anyone has favorites, send 'em along!

05 November 2006

here we go...

So we have an experiment here, not sure that I'm so comfortable in expressing "out loud" what I'm thinking, but here goes...

I've created this blog in conjunction with my Masters project, I'm proposing to rephotograph views of Salt Lake City that my great-grandfather shot, back in the late 1800's/early 1900's. His name was Charles Ellis Johnson, son of Joseph Ellis Johnson and Joseph's 3rd wife (yep, polygamy), Eliza Saunders (or Dean, but that's another shaggy dog story relating back to her stepfather and some unpleasantness with his business in London).

Anyway, Charlie was born in St. Louis in 1857 but spent his early years in Nebraska. Of course, Papa Joseph wasn't around a lot, due to the fact that it was known he had other family elsewhere...so it could have appeared that Charlie's mother was, in fact, an unmarried mother (!). FInally, in 1860, word came that Eliza and Charlie should emigrate to SLC., arriving in Oct. of that year.

There shall be more history to come, I'm sure. Suffice it to say, at this point, that Charlie eventually grew up, became interested in photography, opened a studio in SLC and made zillions of images, from studio portraits of LDS church officials to actresses performing at the Salt Lake Theater, landscapes and journalistic events. Even choosing what images to rephotograph will be a challenge, as there are so many to decide amongst...

stay tuned!