27 January 2007

Safety Cow

safety cow by jkiel

This is my current favorite part of the U of U campus, safety cow!

Do Not Cross Trax!


11 January 2007

Documentary photography

Did I mention I'm taking a documentary photography class this semester? It should help with my rephotography project, plus the professor is on my committee, and he's always mentioned that it would be nice if I took a class from him... previously, his most advanced class was a Photoshop class, which he know I wouldn't get much out of, with my experience with the software....

First assignment is a "flexing" one, to get us back into the idea of making pics. Need to shoot an action...think I'll see if P will do a bit of welding or grinding, get those nice sprays of sparks.

Next shooting assignment is to photograph a stranger, then return in a couple of weeks and show them work prints. Did I mention I don't photograph people? Did enough of that in a previous life...ah well, be good for me I suppose. Think I'll use one of the ELI students...

03 January 2007

New Year, let's do it right!

After surviving the flu over the break, it's time to forge ahead (as they say). Got a generous grade on the lit review, now I need to rework it into the project proposal. I know what I want to do, I just need to put the idea into "academic" terminology...

This upcoming semester, I'm taking a documentary photography class, that should be fun (and more familiar too). Get to use my new digital SLR too!